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I just love how simple and direct it is. Do this, do that. For people who don't really know how to find this kind of road map, this is a gold mine - for people like me, who know how, but sometimes don't want to take the time to dig up the road map - it's still a gold mine - in fact, using this tool, you can delegate your SEO activities to just about anyone.

- John Jantsch, Author Duct Tape Marketing

I want to congratulate you once again for such an awesome application! I think for a target market of small business people who don't really know where to start in building links and online visibility, this is terrific!

- Anita Campbell, Editor Small Business Trends

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Lotus Jump helped me rank on the first page of Google and we're climbing fast in Yahoo and MSN. It's really easy to use and we've been flying through the tasks.

- Rob P, Small Business Owner

LotusJump automates the messy legwork that prevents most marketers from getting SEO done on their own.

- Christopher Kenton, Editor

I just logged in, and this is like, the coolest thing ever.

- Matt H., Exuberant LotusJump Fan

You guys have done a great job developing a low budget, user-friendly service.

- Steven R., Tech Developer

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Case Study - Jim's Flower Shop Website

Reaching an online market

Jim's flower shop just started selling flower arrangements through their new e-commerce website, and is excited start improving sales. The problem is...nobody's finding his business online. After ruling out expensive media advertising, he decides to focus on Internet Marketing. Jim understands that many of his potential customers participate in online social communities and use search engines (like Google) to find the things they want to purchase. If he could find an easy way to join the online conversation and boost his rankings for keyword phrases like "valentines flower arrangements," he'd be able to capture a huge potential market.

How LotusJump Fits In

After some research, Jim learns that reputable internet marketing companies often charge anywhere from $500-5,000/month for their services, which is way out of his marketing budget. After speaking with a few web-savvy friends, he discovers LotusJump and signs up for an account. He is pretty pleased with himself to have found an inexpensive, do-it-yourself tool that allows him to learn and manage his own internet marketing.

After entering his website URL and his top targeted keywords (like "valentines flower arrangements"), he finds that LotusJump has generated a list of customized tasks with step-by-step instructions to help him complete them. There are Buzz Tasks that show him how to reach out to potential customers online, Q&A tasks that help him answer real people's questions and establish himself as a "flower authority" online, Content building tasks that show him how to improve his website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Bookmarking tasks that help him connect with a larger internet audience, and many more.

The Results

By dedicating just a few hours a week towards LotusJump tasks, he starts to see his website traffic grow. More and more people find his site as he enlarges the flower shop's "digital footprint." After few months he also notices that his flower website is ranking well in search engines for his targeted keywords, and more and more people are finding him through Google, Yahoo and MSN. The increased traffic and improved rankings help him attract a record number of website visitors which drastically improve his website sales. With LotusJump, Jim has built a profitable online business that is capable of reaching a huge, previously untapped market. Wouldn't you like to experience this degree of online success?